Chocolate is Delicious and Soothing

Recently, I read an article that I feel will be of interest to you as you deal with challenges in your life whether it is family caregiving or not. This information will especially delight the ‘chocolate lovers’ reading this blog. As my friends say, “a little chocolate won’t hurt anybody and it is good for the soul”. (Smile)

The article discussed how to recover and regain yourself from difficulties in life. What we can do to assist us bounce back and be resilience to reduce the risk of a stroke, heart disease diabetes and premature aging? Chocolate is a source for increasing the flow of blood to the brain thus improving cognitive functioning. It also leads the brain to release endorphins making us happier and less stressful.

After a stressful personal airplane experience and a dark chocolate fix by a seatmate, Linda Graham, MLT developed in her Mindful Self-Compassion course a “chocolate meditation”.  Each participant is given small bits of dark chocolate and instructs them to:               


1.  Notice the piece of chocolate in your hand.  Notice any thoughts, feelings, and sensations of anticipation arising as you contemplate the chocolate.


2. Place the chocolate in your mouth, simply noticing the flavors, textures, and melt ability of the chocolate.


3.  As you bite into the chocolate, notice the sweetness, and then notice also the bitterness.  Notice the combination, that chocolate gives us both sweetness and bitterness, at the same time, as does life. 


4.  Reflect on knowing one reality through knowing its opposite: dark and light, sound and silence, easy and difficult, ease and pain, bitter and sweet.  Reflect on moments in your life when you know this to be true.

Try this techniques and let me know about your experience. Did you feel better? Could you bounce back from anxiety faster?  Did you discover a favorite dark chocolate? We look forward to hearing from you in the Like, Comment and Share area.

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